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SAdapter SADAPTER3IN1PKGBLK 3 Adapters in 1 Pack


Micro SIM card to full SIM card adpater, Nano SIM card to Micro SIM card adapter, Nano SIM card to full SIM card adpater.

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Purely mechanical solution, no fighting to insert the SIM and the adapter into the device Very high temperature stability (250 ?C) ? even more than the SIM card itself Used material is a non aging plastic No mechanical or thermal deformation inside the mobile phone. Meaning, the adapter can be removed easily at any time Can be used in almost any mobile phone, tablet, or any SIM enabled device Model Number: SADAPTER3IN1PKGBLK UPC: 766897525476 MPN: SADAPTER3IN1PKGBLK Compatible with: Apple iPhone 4S,Apple iPhone 5,Apple iPad 1,Apple iPod Nano 7th Generation,Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch,Apple MacBook Air 11 inch,Apple iPod Nano 6th Generation,Apple MacBook Air 13 inch,Apple iPad 2,Apple iPad 3,Apple iPad Mini 1,Apple iPad 4 with Retina Display,Apple iPhone 5S,Apple iPod Touch 5th / 6th Generation,Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch Retina Display,Apple iPhone 4,Apple iPhone 5C

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