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Phone Loop PLNBON Ninja Strap Bonbon, MIN. ORDER 5 UNITS


Function meets style ? Ninja Loop is a phone strap that provides a secure yet relaxed grip to avoid unfortunate and expensive drops. Enjoy a safe and intuitive one-handed solution for your smartphone. Definitely a must-have for those large touch-screen devices!

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Mobile-Friendly: Seamlessly fits any smartphone case.* Hand-Friendly: Allows an ergonomic and relaxed grip. Table-Friendly: Super slim, lays flat, with no bulkiness added. Pocket-Friendly: Slips in and out of pockets with ease. Rookie-Friendly: Easy installation ? adjustable to preferred fit. *Requires protective case and mobile device ? not included. Not for waterproof or saggy cases. Model Number: PLNBON UPC: 628110109071 MPN: PLNBON

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