antivirus security

Why is good antivirus necessary for your computer?

Antivirus are a must have if you use internet on your computer. They protect you from malicious viruses, Trojan horses, worms, and unwanted invaders. It can slow down your computer and harm your data. These viruses can harm your files and software applications by deleting them and access your personal data and even use your […]

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corel draw x7

What is Corel Draw and what’s New in Corel Draw x7

Graphic designers love corel draw as they get the ability to edit the graphics through vectors by this software program. Corel Draw has always been popular and the features it has to offer are offered by none. Corel Draw x7 is the latest version brought forward by Corel Corporation. The best version of Corel Draw […]

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clean laptop screen

Can Dust Cause your Laptop to Deteriorate?

Dust and dirt can cause your laptop to be completely ruined. This is the worst enemy of your PC. If the laptops and PCs are not cleaned on a regular basis, it can do lasting damage to various parts of your computer. The building up of dust particles can affect the performance and reliability of […]

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office 365

Office 365 What actually is and What Are It’s Benefits

Have you lately been hearing rumors on Office 365? Well, let it be known to you that Office 365 is no more just a rumor, rather it is now in the market for your business and work solutions. It allows the workers to work in the form of a team and to figure out efficient […]

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antidote 9

Antidote 9 brief features which you need to know

Writing has become an everyday need for everyone to become more organized and to keep track of things as well. For example, you might need to email someone on an issue and the English used in the email context should be correct by using antidote 9. Whether it is an email which you have to […]

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